About CGF

CGF Brokerage and Consulting is dedicated to finding you a buyer who can meet your price and shipping requirements.

We work toward your targeted price by shopping the grain markets for you. We are in touch with numerous grain companies on a daily basis with no specific preference for any one of them.

CGF Brokerage is one stop price shopping for all of your commodities.

Your commodity connection for:
  • Conventional and Organic
  • Specialty Crops (Mustard and Canaryseed)
  • Oilseeds (Canola and Flax)
  • Pulses (Lentils Peas Fababeans and Soybeans)
  • Cereals (Wheat Barley Oats and Rye)
  • Feed Grains
Contract options:
  • Spot Purchases
  • New Crop Production
  • Deferred Delivery
  • Deferred Delivery
  • Basis

What is a cash broker?

A cash grain broker provides an unbiased matching service for grain sellers and buyers. Bids and offers are collected independently to bring sellers and buyers together in an efficient manner. The broker works on a fee-for-services basis, so you keep title to the grain until it’s sold.

All buyers we deal with are qualified for financial integrity and reliability. This means that the opportunities we provide to you are assured.

What to Expect from a Grain Broker

Five things you shouldn’t expect from a grain broker:
  1. To have a crystal ball and be able to provide perfect forecasts.
  2. To know your cost of production.
  3. To make all your grain selling decisions for you.
  4. To know when the market will move against you.
  5. To break rules/laws to take care of you.
Five things you should expect from a grain broker:
  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Timeliness.
  3. Good reputation.
  4. Marketing knowledge.
  5. Experience.

Advantages of a cash grain broker:

  • Unbiased competitive market information available with one phone call.
  • Access to a large number of pre-screened assured buyers.
  • Pro-active search on all grain markets for values and opportunities.
  • A broker will act as a mediator should a dispute occur between seller and buyer.
  • No hidden costs. All transactions are fee-based.
CGF Brokerage will catalog and keep your grain samples on file while we shop the market for the best prices until your grain is sold.