Marketing requires attention every day.

Increased trade competition within Canada and globally, has forced everyone to recognize the importance of marketing. Local elevators or processors are not your only marketing options.

You work hard and spend countless hours to maximize your production. How much time, and what resources do you have to maximize your return on these crops?

CGF Brokerage and Consulting is a grain brokerage that is dedicated to finding you a buyer who can best suit your needs. We work toward your targeted price by shopping the grain markets for you.

We are in touch with numerous grain companies on a daily basis with no specific preference for any one of them. CGF Brokerage is a one-stop price shopping for all of your commodities.

Marketing Tips

Maximize your return on your commodities:

  1. Include your partner in your marketing decisions. Two heads are better than one when making important business and marketing decisions.
  2. Communication is key to any marketing decision. Talk to CGF Brokerage about market conditions and supply demand. With sound advice you will make a calculated decision.
  3. Know your cost of production. Include a reasonable amount for your labour.
  4. Collect a representative sample as you put your grain into final storage. Seal the sample to maintain its integrity. Store the sample in the same environment as the grain is stored (not in a heated building).
  5. Forward your samples to CGF Brokerage for an unbiased analysis. You will know what you have for quality.
  6. List your commodities with CGF Brokerage as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of any premiums that might be available in the marketplace.
  7. Sell your commodities in increments to obtain an average price over time – unless you are satisfied with the current price.
  8. Provide email, fax number and text information to expedite transactions and communication.
  9. Honour your commitments. Keep on good terms with all potential buyers.
  10. Leap of faith. As you load your grain into semi trucks, collect a representative load sample and forward part of it, with the semi operator, to present at the final destination. Retain another portion (litre to litre + 1/2) in a sample bag and wrap it with duct tape, masking tape, or hockey tape. Have the semi operator write on it the trucking firm’s name, date, bill of lading number, destination (company name) and his signature. Retain this sample should a dispute occur regarding quality, dockage or whatever.